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from urllib import request mine = request.Request() 和. import urllib.request mine = urllib.request.Request() 他们俩都很好。 但. import urllib mine = urllib.request.Request() 给我. AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'request' 考虑到请求是urllib的属性,它也不行吗? Is there a big difference between using import x vs from x import y? Close.

From x import y

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But we even have a built-in function called open. So, here we should avoid using from os import open. We can even use form x import *, this would Is there a big difference between using import x vs from x import y? Close.

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Tips & Tricks: Flytta origo och XYZ plan i samband med import

From x import y

Since I keep seeing relevant questions on StackOverflow on a  接續匯入模組,使用import匯入模組,會以被匯入的模組名稱在當前模組命名一個 同名的名稱,被匯入模組中的變數,其實是以被匯入模組為名稱空間。例如,若有   28 Jul 2016 from X import Y. For example, suppose you wanted to use the java.util.Calendar class for some date manipulations.

But we even have a built-in function called open.
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>>> import x.y.t as z Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 1, in ImportError: No module named t >>> assuming you used from X import Y, you have two options: reload(sys.modules['X']) reload(sys.modules[__name__]) # or explicitly name your module or. Y=reload(sys.modules['X']).Y few considerations: A. if the import scope is not module-wide (e,g: import in a function) - … Write: from app.privateinfo import key. Note: Remember that this will work only when you run it from outside. i.e. file in which you wrote above statement must be any of the files from config, forms, models, run.

下面再写四个脚本,验证from xx import x 能不能对模块的不可变类型属性修改,jia.py是导入了b.py和c.py两个模块,并运行。.
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